Pixel Perfect Visuals for Social Media

It can be tricky to managing visual-centric social media from your computer, this often requires using additional software to get the desired result, but don't worry with Lyfpit this problem is definitely solved!

In-house photo editor

The Pen Icon helps you get quick access to our photo editor from the storage manager or directly from your writing post.

The editor allows you to quickly edit any photo, crop, resize, rotate and add filters, you can also add text and change the colors!

DesignBold integration

We integrated lyfpit with DesignBold an app that helps you create stunning designs in no time! for those who don't know it yet, it's like Canva but inside Lyfpit! clever no?


Watermark management

The watermarks manager will help you to protect intellectual property along with branding every single photo you send, as the format from one social media to another can differ, you can create one watermark per social account, this can be convenient if you are running an agency!


The caption is a feature we use a lot at Lyfpit (for your own social media), the main use-case for us is for saving hashtags however you can also use it to test the same wording with different visuals and A/B test which one is more performing!

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