Join Lyfpit Experts Program

Building and maintaining a solid reputation is not only a requirement but a daily routine whether you are starting your freelancing career or are an established expert.

Lyfpit Experts Program offers the opportunity to established expert to get early free access to Lyfpit, get more visibility and generate more revenu

What's Lyfpit Expert Program?

While building the program we put ourselves in your shoes and it was an easy task...we've been there before, so we started with: What did we really need as a digital marketing consultant, and that's all that the program is about.


1- Free Access to Premium Software

By joining the community you'll get a 1-year access to Lyfpit's premium "business plan" ... for free!  That's a good start and a gift worth $1620! No purchase conditions are applied if you get the sesame, it means that we salute your career and selected you for your excellence!

The icing on the cake is that everything valid for Lyfpit applies to our new products, so you can end up with a multi-thousand dollars package of software for free 🥳


2- Visibility Booster

if it's not already, visibility should be a cornerstone to your communication strategy, our audience is 100% social media and marketing managers from different backgrounds and with various levels... anything a consultant/expert can dream of.

We offer you the perfect tribune to showcase your skills and promote your activity

Guest posts

We invite you to submit a guest post that will be heavily shared and promoted through our social media and partners, the stage is yours and you can talk about any related topic, this shouldn't be necessarily linked to your experience with Lyfpit but we would highly appreciate if it does 

Invitation to our podcast/video

Join us for an open discussion in our virtual fireside chat we're sure you'll have plenty to say about you and your activity.

The session can be broadcasted live or recorded if you are in a different timezone, so no waking up at 5 am for you, we will do our possible to make it both fun and informative for the audience.

Future promotion

Now that you're part of the family you can knock on our door at any time, any new training to promote or product to launch? Send us a quick message with your promotion idea, guest posting, online webinar, etc. We welcome any initiative from our members and more if it can help your business.


3-Revenue sharing

Now let's talk about cash, if you have a strong community yourself and want to monetize it, we built a private referral program that gathers all the ingredients to have a best-seller

Dedicated promo code

You'll get a dedicated promo code that reflects your brand and identity.

Huge Discount for your community

Reward your followers and community with a discount that can reach 50% available on all our plans.

A very high reward for you

You'll get up to 40% on every new subscriber using your promo code, not a bad deal right?


4- More premium advantages

Being community members get you to access to our negotiated deals with other platforms, software and apps, though our mother company Brandizer you'll get the same advantages they provide to their Accelerator's program attendees!


How to get selected?

Well if you are reading this, we probably sent you the link, so consider the job as done, otherwise here is our ideal partner's profile:

- Social media expert with a proven track record

- Early adopter looking for the best social media management app

- Has an active -even small- community in a niche market

- Willing to collaborate with us and be all-in 

How to apply?

Easy as pie, if you recognize yourself in what you've read just fill in this form to start the process, one this step is done we will take up to 2 business days to screen your application and get in touch through a short 10min call to finalize our alignment.