How to beat LinkedIn Algorithm with Lyfpit

Linkedin is not the online alter-ego of your resume it used to be anymore, the platform evolved to serve a wide range of purposes. From personal branding -be seen as an expert among your peers and partners- to growing your business and closing more deals! 

For instance, do you know that 80% of B2B leads across all social media come from LinkedIn?

But before getting there, building your presence on LinkedIn is the most critical part, in other words: How do you make sure you reach the right people through your posts?

Ignoring how the LinkedIn algorithm assesses your content may result in poor performance so let's take a deeper look at how your content reach can be boosted.

1/ LinkedIn Algorithm : 

LinkedIn uses several filters to rank your content and decide whether it worths distributing beyond your direct network or not.

Summarized, the process for determining what shows up in the LinkedIn feed is this:

  1. Content is classified as Image/Text/Video/Long Form/Link
  2. Depending on the classification, content is then distributed to a sample of the users' connections
  3. Once placed in front of these people, different actions have different weights to determine whether the post should be either (1) demoted because it's low quality or (2) shown to more people because it's high quality
  4. Editors then review the content to see if it's worth distributing beyond that users' network

To pass these four filters you have to follow, 3 simple recommendations, post native content, do it often, follow your target audience's expectations.

2/ What's Native Content and why?

LinkedIn like any other social network wants to keep the users connected as long as possible.

And therefore, will diminish the reach of any potential distraction - direct links to websites, to other social media, Youtube videos, etc. In favor of native content which is text posts, Linkedin vidéos, images, and infographics.

3/ Post relevant content and do it often

That's the hardest part for some of us, indeed storytelling and content production are two rare skills, but it is as hard to be consistent as to be inspired.

Lyfpit can help you schedule unlimited posts in your profile and pages, that's a life saver when you are lacking time to nurture your account with organic content!

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