Getting Started With Lyfpit

Lyfpit Overview

Before we deep dive into each section and see what are the best use-cases, we made a short overview video for you, let's have a quick tour together.

If you are not a native English speaker you can read this article in French & Arabic the two languages currently available on Lyfpit.

Adding your first social media account

We built an intuitive user interface so you focus on productivity, to add any social media account you need to go to the account manager section.

Here you can simply add and manage all your social accounts and have up to 120 accounts under management!


What type of accounts can I add?

That's a question we are often asked, let's have a quick recap :

  • Facebook: Profile, Pages, and groups (yes with lyfpit you can auto-post to groups!)

  • Twitter: Accounts

  • Instagram: Accounts (we use the official API, but also our own, to help you post Stories, Slideshows, and IGTV!)

  • Linkedin: Profile and Pages

  • Pinterest: Account and boards (coming soon)

  • Youtube: Account and Channels (in beta mode)

That's all for today, now that you are all set, you can start posting and scheduling your posts on Lyfpit, in the next article we will see together how to create perfectly looking posts and use the Lyfpit magic tool to auto-resize your photos so they look gorgeous on any social media!

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